Impossible to de-brick my Wap54G. CFE.BIN

Discussion in 'MustDie Firmware' started by droky, Sep 12, 2005.

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    I have a spanish WAP54G v2.0 with original v2.06 firmware. I updated to mustdie an worked fine with wpa, 84 mw one antenna...
    When i was reset configuration to defaults, ( pushing reset button ), i wasn't capable of connect with device by ethernet. Then i connect by wireless with my notebook ( device was configured to defaults )and change the configuration, but i can't connect by wireless . The problem begin when i downgrade my AP to Linksys v1.08 firmware. The AP Bricks, Act led is always off and i'm not capable of connect with it ( No wireless and not Ethernet ).
    I Use a Xilinx Jtag cord and WRT54G.c on Linux to make a kernel, CFE and NVRAM backup and thetry to upgrade firmware.
    I tested shorting pins 15-16, 16-GND, 5-6 on flash chip and no works.
    I used a CFE.bin from and nothing.
    I'm desesperated, i believe that my CFE backup is corrupted and i can't debrick my AP.
    The questions are:
    - ¿Anybody have a CFE.BIN that works on a WAP54G v2.0 and no US?
    In that case, Where i have to put my AP MAC on binary?
    - The flash memory offsets on WRT54G.h are the same for WAP54G or is necessary to change it for this AP?
    - For to flash a kernel with WRT54G.c in trx file type, have i delete the 32 fist bytes on file (it seems that are file header and no bin data)?
    - And the last question : Anybody have a complete flash backup from a WAP54G ?

    If anybody is interested on see my CFE, and NVRAM initial backups to help me, can e-mail me to .
    I accept all ideas.

    Thanks and sorry for my poor english
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