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[Info request]Linksys EF4116

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Anti-XP, Feb 20, 2006.

  1. Anti-XP

    Anti-XP Network Guru Member

    I'm planning to buy a new switch, and the shops in the nearby city is selling all kinds of brands.
    Cisco is too expensive for me, and 3Com is a little bit cheaper, but still expensive.

    Now I've seen this nice desktop switch, the Linksys EF4116, but the problem is that i can't get alot of useful information about it.

    First of all I tried www.linksys.com, but that didn't help me alot.
    Then I tried mr. Google, but it seems he also can't help me.

    The problem is that I would like to know (an estimation of) the backplane speed.
    In the summer holiday (but maybe earlier) I want to have a Lanparty at my home, and for that, I need a nice, fast switch, which can connect all the visitors at a decent speed.

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