installing network with sp2?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by mooseboy84, Nov 12, 2005.

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    I tried searching the forums, but I could not find a "help" topic.

    I just purchased a wrt54g router. I have it connected through one comp [this one] through the switch, and a 2nd im trying to connect with a USB pen drive.

    Now im new to using a router, so bare with me. I just had installed windows on the 2nd computer, and setup so it could use the wireless internet connection. After playing around with it, I finally got it working.

    Well, I went and updated XP to SP2. After that, I can no longer access the internet.

    Now when the Wireless network connection pops up, it shows 3. [Mine and 2 neighbors] I try to click on my network and "connect" to it, but when I do so, it says:

    The connection is an access point network... your not configured to access, "access point networks"..... CLick OK and press advanced..... to change.....

    I click OK, then click advanced to open up the Wireless Connection Properties. I click advanced again, and it only list 3 types: Any available network, Access point preffered and Ad Hoc. Whether I try access point preffered, or any available, I can NEVER get it to connect.

    Before I installed SP2, I could browse the internet and the connectioned worked. Now, I just get this endless saying im "not configured for an access point network."

    I am trully going crazy here, I dont know what to do so I can get the internet working again.

    HELP ME!


    Oh, I would like to add that I updated to latest firmware of the wrt54g router after i got it. 4.27 or whatever its called.

    The USB pen drive is a trendware.
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