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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by sblaes, Jul 29, 2005.

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    Here's my conundrum. I have a home office and run two servers there with static IP addresses. I would also like to provide my business partner a good way into my network in order to obtain unfettered access to the servers, without me having to open up FTP and such to the whole world.

    I use SBC DSL and have their 5 static IP pro package. With that I'm using a 2wire homeportal router. I also have a netopia router that is supposed to be a "step up" router that came with the service, but it drops my dsl connection all the time so I'm using my old 2wire router right now.

    The 2wire has wireless but only 802.11b. So, I also have two other routers, a WRV54g and a WRT54g. I'm not using the WRT, though from reading this it might solve my problem. The WRV is currently assigned another one of my static IPs and I was thinking of using it for two things, VPN for my partner and wireless. Right now it's working for Wireless, with one problem that I cannot access the windows network on the other side of the router. I would really like it if the WRV54g could sort of act like a bridge, so that I could join the domain that is served by the server on the WAN side of the router and be able to have a notebook that is using the wireless as a member of that domain. Right now, when I try to join the domain from the wireless side, it says it cannot find the domain controller. I believe this is because it's not passing some Windows broadcast packets that are being sent out.

    So, the real issue is:
    I have 5 static IPs
    I have the 2wire, Netopia and 2 linksys routers (wrv & wrt)
    I need to have the servers accessible on static ip addresses
    I further want my partner to somehow vpn into my network to gain full access those servers
    I would like the windows network to work across the wireless and wired networks (connecting to the servers with static IPs)

    What is the best way to achieve these goals? I'm starting to think the best way is going to be to switch back to the WRT and load up some of the more fully featured firmware alternatives.
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