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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by ifican, Jan 12, 2008.

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    I have been seeing more and more concern as of late about IPv6. Not only here but other places as well and decided this may be a good time to open a discussion to see what folks really think. So i will start off with my take...

    IPv6 has been around for quite sometime and was a serious concern prior to RFC1918, however since its inception the need for and the dire concesquences of needing to migrate has gone by the wayside. Large ISP's have already migrated but most of the major ones find they are getting much more use out of MPLS then IPv6. Will we ever get to a point where IPv6 will be adopted on a large scale? Well that i cannot say but i can say that it will be v6 or something else yet to be designed but I do not see this happening in the near term. Though what i can see happening when there is a grand enough need, is all of us that now enjoy a dynamic home user internet facing routable ip loosing that luxury. As more and more users pay for buisness accounts, the ip's we now enjoy are going to also start to fall into the RFC1918 domain. As much of a pain that will be for a small percentage of overall internet users, most will not know or feel the difference. What used to be considered a finite number of ip's is now exponentially larger, so much larger infact that the need for IPv6 is no longer the proverbial lion in the bushes waiting to pounce. So that's my take, whats yours?
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