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    Since there seems to be a lot of people playing with IPv6, I thought I'd give them a home. At the moment information is spread around a lot of different places. I'll keep adding links to older posts here as I come across them.

    The IPv6 Development thread on TomatoUSB.org
    Setting up HE tunnel
    How to Use the... OpenDNS IPv6 Sandbox
    DNS Setting for HE tunnel
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    How to Use the... OpenDNS IPv6 Sandbox

    How to Use the 'OpenDNS' IPv6 Sandbox:)
    Experimenting with IPv6 DNS requires a small change to your computer or router settings to point to the IPv6-enabled OpenDNS IPv6 addresses.

    1. Verify you have IPv6 Enabled
    You can visit Kame to verify you have a working IPv6 IP address. If you see a swimming turtle, you are ready to continue configuring. If you don't, perhaps you need an IPv6 Tunnel setup, like the free one you can get at http://tunnelbroker.net/.

    2. Enter the OpenDNS IPv6 Sandbox IP's...



    3. Test your settings... http://www.test-ipv6.com;)

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