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Is it possible to bridge with a WRT54G V5 ?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Mister_Paul, Feb 18, 2006.

  1. Mister_Paul

    Mister_Paul Network Guru Member

    my old damaged WRT54G V1 has been replaced by Linskys consumer service with a new one.
    But, bad luck, it's a v5.0 despite of my letter asking for any other version. :thumbdown:

    My problem is that I'd like to chain it with another WRT54G (or another product…) to enlarge my network. Is there any solution ? :cry:

    If that's not possible, is it possible to arrange or change the antennas to get a wider connected area ? :sadbye:

    Thank you for your help ! :cheerup:
  2. jschall

    jschall Network Guru Member

    I managed to extend the reach of my WRT54Gv5 by using the WRE54E v1 Range Expander. It wasn't easy, and the Linksys tech support wasn't much help, but eventually I got it to work. Without the WRE, I had difficulty connecting from my "sunroom", an extension to the back of my house - lots of brick and aluminum siding to attenuate and reflect the signal from my office.

    Now, if I carry my laptop from my living room to my sunroom, I can see the signals from the two APs (WRT and WRE), one dropping, the other increasing, and the connection switches automatically from WRT to WRE. I am pleased with this outcome.

    - Jeff

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