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Is it possible to use 2 range extenders?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by stompman76, Aug 19, 2006.

  1. stompman76

    stompman76 LI Guru Member

    Can I use 2 WRE54G's on opposite ends of a WRT54GS? What I'm trying to ask is if I have the WRT54GS set up in the middle of the building, can I put a WRE54G on both ends? without interference the router only accepting one connection? In theory, I think it should work.
  2. Hi Stompman76

    Can I ask what are you trying to do? Have you consider WDS?

  3. stompman76

    stompman76 LI Guru Member

    Basically, I want to give free internet access to people who come to my shop. I have a wireless router set up with WEP security. But the router is in the middle of my shop (it's long and narrow) and I already have high-gain antennae attached to it, but there are dead spots at each end of the store.
    I have not looked into setting up a WDS-based wireless network, do you think it would work in this situation? Does a BEFW11S4 support WDS?

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