is it possible using the wrt54g as a repeater/bridge?

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by FuXX, May 20, 2005.

  1. FuXX

    FuXX Network Guru Member

    Hi there!
    I am new here and I did not found about my problem.

    Is it possible to extend my wlan range using the wrt54g as a bridge.

    In my network I am using a zyxel wlan router and i want to extend the range of the network to get access in the whole house.

    Is it possible to do so with the newsest FW (DD-WRT)?

    Many thank!
  2. foq99

    foq99 Network Guru Member

    sure is! search for posts about setting up WDS mode.
  3. FuXX

    FuXX Network Guru Member


    Many thanks!
    I don't know what WDS means. (I am not really good in english.... ;-) ).
    What does these letters stand for?

  4. FuXX

    FuXX Network Guru Member

    Hi again!

    I've red the guide.
    But in my case it doesn't work.

    Do both router have the wds functionality to work?

    I want to use the WRT as repeater with a zyxel wlan router.
    But I think the zyxel doesn't support wds.

    What else can I do???

    Many thanks!
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