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Is this an issue for anyone else with 3 or more routers using WDS-WPA/AES?

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by VVarwick, Jan 30, 2009.

  1. VVarwick

    VVarwick Addicted to LI Member

    This will be kind of hard to discribe but here it goes:

    I'm setting up 2 different wireless networks with 3 WRT54GL routers on each network. Both of them are set up in a daisy chain like below:

    Network #1
    Internet----(router 1 GW)-------(router 2)-------(router 3)
    network #2
    (router 1)-------(router 2 GW)-------(router 3)
    I'm using WDS-WPA/AES to connect the routers. I'm using Tomato 1.23 on network #2 and Tomato RAF 1.23.8510ND on network #1. Both exhibit the issue I'm about to describe.

    If all 3 routers are up and running, connected with WDS-WPA/EAS and can see each other but have no network traffic flowing between them, if I reboot router 2 and wait a few minutes before trying to send data over the network, WDS-WPA/AES will not reconnect between any of the routers. I have to reboot routers 1 and 3 and then all is well again.

    If all 3 routers are up and running, connected with WDS-WPA/AES and can see each other but have network traffic flowing (as in I have a continuous ping from a PC on router 1 pinging router 2 and a PC on router 3 pinging router 2) and I reboot router 2, WDS-WPA/AES will come right back up everytime WITHOUT having to reboot routers 1 and 3.

    I can recreate this issue pretty much every time by rebooting router #2 while no traffic is flowing on the network.

    I have found a "duct tape" patch that resolves the issue. If I turn on Spanning Tree Protocol on all 3 routers, I can reboot router #2 with no network traffic on my network and WDS-WPA/AES will reconnect every time.

    Spanning Tree Protocol should not be needed for a daisey chain WDS connection, but it is the only thing that makes my WDS-WPA/AES work 100% when rebooting any of the routers.

    Does anyone else have this issue? is this a known bug?

    thanks for any info!


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