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jffs2 no space...

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by DarkPenguin, Jan 1, 2006.

  1. DarkPenguin

    DarkPenguin Network Guru Member

    I just flashed my router with dd-wrt v23 and tried to load some stuff on it only to find the router telling me that there was no space left on the jffs partition. I did not load anything else on it before this. I have a wrt54g v2.2 if it helps.
  2. TaMaX

    TaMaX Network Guru Member

    Same problem on v3.1 :(
  3. crawdaddy

    crawdaddy Network Guru Member

    I recall seeing another thread about this, and I think it's a firmware flaw, but I could be wrong, it doesn't work with my routers either. Any help would be great, I want to set up a no-ip client on the router.
  4. noddyc

    noddyc Network Guru Member

    dd-wrt mini is the only firmware that i found to leave space in the JFFS on the wrt54g :drinking:
  5. fshwcrs

    fshwcrs Network Guru Member

    i was just getting ready to search for this. 3 hour old GS v4 with std. no space. oh well :cry: :sadbye:
  6. TaMaX

    TaMaX Network Guru Member

    Thx noddyc, with mini version i have ~1Mb free space on jffs :cheer:

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