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kai and firewall

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by johnbhoy, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. johnbhoy

    johnbhoy Guest

    Kai enabled and firewall.

    The support for this seems to have been closed on kai forums but i have a wee question in relation to the ddwrt 2.3 firmware on a WRt54g version 2.

    I can get the kai working fully and it recognizing my xbox etc etc.,... happy dayz.

    Only problem is that it works when firewall is disabled. I enabled the firewall and it stops recognizing it. I have forwarded the port 30000 on tcp and udp to the router ip but it makes no difference. Are there any other ports i should be forwarding to the router. IE 3074. I know i had to allow this port in my software firewall on the pc.

    Also another small problem. When i enabled the firewall and did port scan again. It failed. I had hundred of ports open and all tests failed. This cannot be good.

    Sorry for my naivety but am i missing something important.

    Have been flicking through the WIKI for dd-wrt and noticed the firewall section but its in a foreign language.

    If anyone can suggest or point me in the right direction . i would be much obliged.


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