kudos to BS/dd-wrt - and some questions about L7/QOS

Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by flexy, Nov 2, 2005.

  1. flexy

    flexy Network Guru Member


    first, after many flashes back and forth of my wrt54G V2 i *think* that dd-wrt is the best firmware and might have the highest potential. I tried them all, long time user of hyperwrt, then tofu, then discovered dd-wrt and GOD I AM GUILTY I KNOW yesterday i even got a subscription for T (1.1) which turned out a ONLY bug.

    Anyway back to dd-wrt now, just got the latest build and like it.

    Keep up the good work - this firmware kicks a$$ :)

    So..now some questions:

    I am messing around with QoS now for some time and i am kind of confused about the protocols/l7 filters shown in the GUI.

    I downloaded the dd-wrty source and clearly see in the source the HL2-DM and CS:Source etc. patterns are included - but i can NOT see them in the firmware itself.

    Are the counterstrike and some other L7 filters identical ? If yes...we need some clarification. Because it is not clean that using the CS l& filter also works for Halflife 2 and CS:S etc...

    ALSO...i *think* i still have slight problems running bittorrent and my speeds are not that great - i have all P2P/FTP at bulk and DNS/DHCP at premium, games at express. HTTP/HTTPS is at standard/express.

    I notice i am snappier browsing webpages uploading FTP at my 85% upload speed (comcast 6000/384).....but with the same upload speed in bittorrent it seems i am getting a bit slower.

    This is weird since with full FTP upload speed (to a close server) i should hog my connection even more than having torrents open for upload - so i dont understand why bittorrent slows me down more than with ftp. I also applied the TCP/Ports tweaks btw.

    Note: It's weird to see that when i run ABC bittorrent and FlashFXP together , both at full upload speed that BT gets about 95% of the bandwisth and the FTP only a few KB....its weird since i have BOTH protocols (BT and FTP) at bulk - shouldnt they both go 50% and share bandwidth equally ?

    ANYWAY...i have high hopes and cant wait for the next stable/tested version of dd-wrt !

    Edit: Another question...DO I need to limit my d/l speed also for QoS ? If yes..why ? shouldnt u/l limiting be enough ?
  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    Bittorrent hogs uplink bandwidth, make sure you have set a max speed for your uploads in the BT client software and you limit the amount of open connections from BT Users to your PC. this should help.
  3. flexy

    flexy Network Guru Member


    ftp hogs a connection *at least* as good as bittorrent. Even more IMHO.

    The point is...if i WERE to set my ul limits in the client (as i did before) i would not need QoS in the router :)

    I want to have QoS so i do NOT have to care about what i (or gf on laptop) do and not to worry about speed limits.

    If the QoS bw limit would work (which i have at 80% of my 384kbps) then i dont need to care about bt-client limits. BTW the router limiting DOES work...i see my rates in ABC....but still everything slows down too much for my taste.
  4. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Bittorrent is probably trying to open too many connections at once. It's not uncommon for bittorrent clients to try and have 1000+ active connections open at once which can slow things down since the router has to keep track of and manage all these connections. Unfortunately there is no way for the router to control how many connections your bittorrent client tries to open so you have to set it on each client.

    The issue with bittorrent getting more bandwidth than FTP is most likely related to the number of open connections as well. The router assigns QoS priorities to each connection individually. Imagine QoS as four lines: Premium, Express, Standard, & Bulk. Since FTP & Bittorrent are both set to the lowest priority they are waiting in the same line. The only problem is there are hundreds of bitorrent connections in that line for every 1 of FTP. The only way to really improve FTP's performance would be to bump it up to the Standard class.

    * Disclaimer: The paragraph above is based on my current understanding of QoS and while I feel confident it is accurate I don't claim to be an expert on Linux QoS. ;)
  5. flexy

    flexy Network Guru Member


    do you know more about the l7 filters and why there are the "halflife2" etc. pattern-files with the dd-wrt soucecode - but in the firmware itself (on the router) i dont see them in the drop-down menu ?
  6. flexy

    flexy Network Guru Member


    makes sense to me.

    Just out of curiosity:

    How would such a problem [eg. loads of connections and slowdowns] be solved [besides the software/client settings like limiting max. ports open] ?
    By running a router on faster hardware or a professional grade router ?
  7. 4Access

    4Access Network Guru Member

    Possibly. Although many organizations that purchase professional grade routers solve the problem by simply filtering all p2p traffic...

    If you want to check the CPU load on your router you can log in via telnet (username "root") and run the 'top' utility. (Press 'q' to exit top when you are done.)

    You may also want to look at My routeur gets crazy after one week of P2P ! as it includes some scripts for tuning TCP settings on the WRT.
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