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Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by Blasman, Dec 11, 2012.

  1. Blasman

    Blasman Serious Server Member

    I can't find any info on this topic anywhere despite how popular this service is. From only the last few hours of messing around and using, I have discovered that the stream from always comes in from the subnets 195.24.232.* and 195.24.233.* (hostnames are s* or x* where * is a number, it appears between 1 and 25 for s* and between 1 and 8 for x*) on any TCP port ranging from 56000-58000 or so at the moment (I'm going to assume 49152–65535), and port 80 for the destination. I have no idea how to determine if it has an L7 socket (I eliminated mp3 as a valid option though), and there seems to be no practical way to create an ideal QoS setting for with my limited knowledge. I can create 33 different rules to cover each one of the destination IPs individually and set them in the desired class, but that seems rather tedious. Am I missing something here to create a working QoS setting for I am also curious as to why there does not appear to be an option to create a rule with multiple IPs and/or subnets, as when I tried, tomato told me that it was not a valid IP. Any help on this topic would be appreciated and hopefully help others. Thanks.
  2. Blasman

    Blasman Serious Server Member

    So I have discovered that the Layer 7 "httpaudio" is effective in detecting the stream for the QoS settings (duh). I am just wondering now if it would still be possible to create a rule designed specifically for and not all httpaudio now that I know exactly where the data stream is coming from. I assume that the packets that are being sent to get more data are sent within the same link/stream as the downstream of data as well, and therefor, by putting the entire stream in a higher class would allow to take priority where I decide to play it in the QoS classifications. Is this true?
  3. Porter

    Porter LI Guru Member

    Sorry, but I don't understand what you want. By detecting's stream with httpaudio you can put it into the Media class and that's it. Yes, other http-audio-streams will end up in Media, too. But to most people this is eqally desirable.
  4. Blasman

    Blasman Serious Server Member

    I guess httpaudio was not seen as popular enough to be included in Toastman's default setup. But for me anyway, it seemed like a natural fit in the Classification settings here.

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