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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by Ian_m, Apr 4, 2005.

  1. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Now on my 3rd WAG54G after first 2 RMA to Linksys after dying and this one is doing the same a slow slow death, wireless disappears, router wont establish new routes, web front end goes away !!!!

    Anyway spent ages to Linksys support about getting port forwarding working and other issues and their advice was:-

    - Single address port forwarding may require the router to be power cycled after having set up. But blooming unhelpful when router is at a remote unmanned site !!!
    - With single address port forwarding the external and internal ports have to be the same, contrary to what the web front end and user manual state/allow.
    - After performing remote management router may be unreliable/unresponsive and require to be power cycled to get working !!!

    Anyway this one is being returned as "unfit" for purpose (ie port forwarding and reliability) and a Netgear DG834G and WG511 card is being fitted as a replacement and after a week has just worked 100%. OK DG834G only does port range forwarding BUT AT LEAST IT WORKS !!!!

    As an aside (to prove it is not my setup) I have been running a WRT54G and Zoom ADSL modem for two weeks now and not had one connecticity, speed, reliabilty issue, port forwarding problem, line drop or anything else what so ever, all just worked 100% as I would have expected my WAG54G to do !!! Wireless is 54Mb all over the remote site unlike the WAG54G whose signal strenght varied considerably and would just get slower and slower and disappear until WAG54G powercyled. I have sat with a portable right next to a WAG54G and watched the signal strength slowly (5 minutes or less) go to zero, rate get slower and portable just disconnect. Power cycle WAG54G and all is OK until next time.
  2. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    I know its sad replying to ones own posts but...

    Finally given up on WAG54G and replaced the it and WPC54G with NetGear equivalents of DG834G and WG511G. The WAG54G is going back for replacement no. 4 (and subsequent Ebay sale).

    Wow what a difference the DG834G is, reliable port forwarding, traffic logging and statistics, logging of port forwarding, great wireless coverage, instant discovery and connection of new wireless devices, listing attached devices (wired and wireless) works, firewall doesn't drop odd packets when it feels like it and scheduling to turn off rules etc in out of business hours (oh and VPN end point support).

    Wow what a difference the WG511G is on a portable. Connects to AP first time and every time in seconds, rather than the very very unreliable WPC54G connectivity.

    Just kicking myself for not ditching the WAG54G earlier and hoping that Linksys would fix all the problems with firmware upgrades......
  3. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    OK, OK, DG is better but try to do a WDS bridge as I did with my WAG... :D
  4. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Yes I known about no WDS. (other replacement choice was US Robotics USR9106 with WDS).

    But I was faced with the choice of unreliable, locking up WAG54G with WDS and crap wireless or completely 100% reliable DG834G and no WDS.

    But as the DS834G wireless range greatly exceeds the WAG54G range, I found nowhere in my house the rate dropped below 36Mb from DG834, I have no requirement for WDS (yet ?)
  5. Morpheus

    Morpheus Network Guru Member

    Netgear are Planning on Introducing WDS in the Future.

    and i think the DG834G Rocks ;-)
  6. HiSpeed

    HiSpeed Network Guru Member

    Obviously, I was kidding because the WDS doesn't replace the other malfunctions of my WAG... :D

    But now, with my experience, I guess I'd prefer to replace my WAG not by a DG but a WRT much more powerful (+ modem)...
  7. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    I also ran for a while the WAG54G in with NAT and wireless disabled feeding straight a PC and had no stability issues, but obiously no wireless and single PC only. I was going to feed into a WRT54GS to route but couldn't get it working 100% so just borrowed a Zoom modem from work.
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