Discussion in 'TinyPEAP Firmware' started by Kaloz, Apr 24, 2005.

  1. Kaloz

    Kaloz Network Guru Member

    Dear tinyPEAP developers,

    can You let us know, what is the license of tinyPEAP? Will it be open or closed source? Last time You've said You don't know the answer, yet. Hope this have been changed ;)

  2. tinyPEAP

    tinyPEAP Network Guru Member

    Unfortunately, tinyPEAP will remain closed source.
    We will making an announcement when there will be any changes in
    our licencing policy.

    tinyPEAP Development Team
  3. Kaloz

    Kaloz Network Guru Member

    Okay, then my question is, what is the current license of tinyPEAP? I wasn't able to find it..
  4. tinyPEAP

    tinyPEAP Network Guru Member

    good question. :)

    Well, tinyPEAP is currently under 'closed source policy'.
    So the licensing will depend on each client.

    tinyPEAP Development Team
  5. MetalMick

    MetalMick Guest

    The "tinyPEAP Development Team" have taken code from FreeRADIUS ( which is under the GPL.

    GPL says that all code remains open source under the license... This is why its closed source...
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