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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tom, Aug 11, 2004.

  1. tom

    tom Network Guru Member

    I have attached the new 7 dbi antennae pair from LinkSys to one of my WRT54G units and I must say I am impressed. I have totally unscientific results but my perception is the 7 dbi antennas are comparable to the WRE54G units, ~$30 USD cheaper and "much" easier to install.

    My suggestion is you need a quick fix to get more range from your WRT54G try the LinkSys antennas.

    But buyer beware -- read the small print on supported devices.
  2. littlewhoo

    littlewhoo Network Guru Member

    But nevertheless imho these antennas are waaaaay overpriced. Why spending 40-50$ for 7 dbi antennas, when you can get non-Linksys 5 dbi omnis for less than 10 and 6 dbi omnis for less than 20$? 1-2 dbi difference is certainly not worth the additional 30-40$.

    When I first saw the list price for the Linksys HGA7S antennas I expected them to be at least completely gold plated and crowned with a little diamond at the tip of each antenna.

  3. tom

    tom Network Guru Member


    I feel your pain..... When I looked at "real" antennas that were worth looking at I belive they stared at around $200 USD. Antennas, period, are way overpriced.

    I had some Buffalo antennas but with the extra connectors to make it all link right, I swear you lost about all the gain because of all the wires and connectors involved.
  4. Flick

    Flick Network Guru Member

    Where would you suggest one go to buy some at these prices?

  5. ScrappyDoo

    ScrappyDoo Network Guru Member

    I got the Linksys 7dbi at for $40 a pair. Combined with HyperWRT power set at 55 this works great for me. I have a 60-65% signal in the same location that used to be 30% with the old antennas and old firmware.
    A friend of mine got the Hawking Technology HAI6SIP Hi-Gain Omni-Directional 2.4 Ghz 6dBi Antenna and paid $18 for one (36 for the pair). So for a few dollars more I got the Linksys pair which connect with no adapters or cables.
  6. pongbarong

    pongbarong Network Guru Member

    Any high gain antennas compatible with WRT54GP2?... Thinking of buying HGA7S... what do you think guys?...
  7. BeHappy

    BeHappy Network Guru Member

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