Linksys B (BEFW11S4 V4) & Airport N

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by jrthorne, Apr 28, 2007.

  1. jrthorne

    jrthorne Guest

    Trying to add Airport Extreme N to an existing Linksys B network.
    Linksys to support "B" device speed and Airport to support "N" MacBook & Apple TV.
    Linksys provides PPOE (dsl) & DHCP.
    B network (SSID Linksys) has multiple wireless devices,
    hp2510 printer, Airport Express (join existing network) for iTunes to Bose Wave, Linksys Ethernet Bridge to shop for internet.

    WiFi B network "works", MacBook, wife's Dell Laptop, wired XP, and Ubuntu
    can all access wireless devices.

    Attach Airport N to linksys ethernet to ethernet
    SSID ExtremeN
    airport ... Create Wireless Network
    Bridge Mode

    MacBook attached to ExtremeN can "browse" the internet,
    MacBook attached ExtremeN can access network shares on wired pc's,
    MacBook can ping Linksys, ping airport N, and wired network PC, Ubuntu,
    MacBook can not access "B wifi" devices
    MacBook can not ping or print to PSC2510 or browse PS2510 Web Access
    MacBook can not ping / iTunes can not attach to airport Express Bose system

    MacBook attached to Linksys, all is well

    Have applied APEN update 7.1

    Any suggestions

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