Linksys by Cisco products introduced at CES

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    I was at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas this week, and went to the so-called keynote speech given by CEO John Chambers. He was supposed to be talking about technology in developing countries. Instead, it was like seeing a used car salesman performing on the forecourt. Embarrassing.

    "Linksys by Cisco" is going to be the consumer-facing brand that Cisco is going to try to attach to consumer devices. They showed a home audio system as well as a media hub. The media hub looks looks like something you'd find in Darth Vader's batch. A picture is below, and the specs are on the Cisco site.

    The media hub is basically a NAS with super duper file searching and content aggregation features. They say it's plug and play. It could turn out to be pretty cool.

    Anyway, it was nice to see the new toys, and it'll be interesting if Cisco can slug it out with the likes of Sony and LG.

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    Looks pretty interesting but also pretty pricey... $430 for a NAS with 1TB? There had better be some pretty good software on board to justify that (and I mean that in a positive way!).

    Here's a link:

    Click on the Where To Buy buttons and then on the ShopLinksys and Amazon buttons, there's a lot of info there.

    Can't wait to read some reviews.

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