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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by Driph, Apr 23, 2005.

  1. Driph

    Driph Guest

    Hi there, well i just recently purchased a Linksys WRT54G router and everything seemed to be working well. Then after an hour of playing Xbox Live, and my computer being online just idling, the router disconnected from the internet for no apparent reason, it has happened to me about 10 times since thursday. I go to the routers setup page and check its status, and its disconnected after trying to connect again it says it cant find my internet ip addy. I have SBC Yahoo so it uses a PPPoE connection and am running Xp with sp2. Im running their most recent firmware but that doesnt help. I've spoken with Linksys' customer service and they cant give me a definite reason, they blame my Xbox but im not too sure. Any suggestions would really be appreciated!
  2. DennisI

    DennisI Network Guru Member

    What DSL modem do you have your router hooked to.

    It could be your modem, not your router.

    I would check the power supply to the modem and make sure the modem is not losing power intermitantly and therefore causing your router to lose its connection in turn.

    Sometimes the DSL modems will overheat because they tend to be put in out of the way places, rather than out where there is good air flow. Make sure both your router and your modem are near a heat source.

    just some ideas

  3. DennisI

    DennisI Network Guru Member

    I meant NOT near a heat source.

    sorry about that.

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