Linksys E2500v3 - successful build with USB but not 5 GHz (Shibby & Victek)

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by CBGoodBuddy, Jun 3, 2014.

  1. CBGoodBuddy

    CBGoodBuddy Networkin' Nut Member

    I can report successfully building Shibby's Tomato on Linksys E2500v3. How best to submit the changes? (both to Shibby & Victek)

    To be clear this is the version 3 of the E2500 series. E2500 versions 1 and 2 have worked for a while and have 8 MB flash. Version 3 has larger 16MB flash, as well as an external USB port. (similar to E3200)

    I built it as AIO ("All in One"). What works: everything I tested including USB features, but *not* 5 GHz wifi.

    I tested IPV4, IPV6, Wifi 2.4 GHz, DDNS, Static DHCP, DNSMasq, VLAN, Virtual Wireless, port forwarding, USB storage, HFS file system, Ext3, FAT, file sharing, FTP server, media server, buttons, LEDs, and a bunch of other things.

    5 GHz with wl_high driver is extremely unreliable. It crashes the whole system randomly (mean time between failure is about 12 hours). I tailed the system logs while the router was running, but there were no helpful error messages when the crash occurred. Because of this instability, I disabled 5 GHz wifi by default in the init.c. The user has to enable it by hand after reboot. Using 2.4 GHz only it is rock solid (maximum of ~7 days in my testing before I rebooted for other reasons). It's a bit of a pity because I got this router for 5 GHz.

    @Victek - you already enabled the E2500v3 thanks to a patch from @tvlz , but my patch also enables use of the USB for this model. Also the existing Victek E2500v3 code has some typos (Makefile reads '25v3' when it should be '25V3') which this points out.

    @shibby20 - the patch applies to your repository. About 180 lines of patch text.

    How best to submit this patch?

    Thanks, CB

    Other notes...
    • unfortunately Linksys did not bother to update the boot_hw_ver CFE variable when they released the v3 hardware, so I had to resort to dirty tricks to find out the true version
  2. shibby20

    shibby20 Network Guru Member

    you can attach patch here or send me PM and i will give you my email.
  3. CBGoodBuddy

    CBGoodBuddy Networkin' Nut Member

    Hello, thanks. The patch for E2500v3 is attached here.

    It assumes reverting 3G modem commit as you describe here: Tomato Shibby's Releases Post #2589

    Disabling 5GHz modem (wl1_radio) might be a little too heavy handed. But I could never get get 5 GHz to work more than about 12 hours without crashing the router so I disabled the radio by default.

    Best wishes, CB

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  4. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    A simpler patch that should work just as good?

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  5. CBGoodBuddy

    CBGoodBuddy Networkin' Nut Member

    It is simpler and more elegant, yes. Do E2500v1 and v2 need usb_storage=-1? That is the main thing your simpler patch loses.
  6. tvlz

    tvlz LI Guru Member

    simpler patch working fine on e2500v1
  7. CBGoodBuddy

    CBGoodBuddy Networkin' Nut Member

    Your patch works for E2500v3, except for a trivial syntax error. (fixed in attached patch). It looks ready to go! Thanks!

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