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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Jimthree, Aug 13, 2005.

  1. Jimthree

    Jimthree Guest

    Hi Folks,

    I’ve been thinking about going wireless for some time now and a couple of days ago I decided to take the plunge. I went down to my local tescos (UK) and kitted myself out with some of the new Linksys gear that they are selling. For £95 I got a Wireless G ADSL Gateway (HG200) the Notebook adaptor (HP200) and a USB adaptor (HU200)

    I’ve set it all up and despite an initial problem with the gateway’s DHCP server not assigning IP’s properly, which was overcome by manually assigning static IP’s to the devices on my network, everything is running sweet. (I presume the problem was with the gateway, my knowledge on DHCP is a bit flakey, and so I could be wrong on that). I’m extremely impressed with the reception considering the gateway has no external aerial, I live in an old house with big well built walls, and I get a great signal wherever I go. As a kit I recommend these products to anyone, nice one linksys.

    I understand there is a firmware upgrade for the Gateway (mine shipped with 1.02.00) which I will get round to installing once I’m happy and it’s all bedded in. If people are interested I will write a fuller review of the kit.

    Couple of questions for the Linksys gurus out there…

    - for the three bits of kit that I have, the HG200, HP200 and HU200, which chipsets are used and which are the closest standard linksys models? I know that the HG200 is a ‘single port version of the WAG354G router’ and it has its own product listing on the linksys website, but I can’t find any reference to the HP200 and HU200 adaptors anywhere.

    - The software that comes with the packages in the linksys@home wireless network monitor. The USB adaptor is version 2.0 but the PC card is version 2.05 (although the functionality and appearance is identical AFAIK). Is there an upgrade for the USB adaptor to take it to v2.05? Can I use software from compatible non-‘linksys@home’ products with this kit (in other word is the WUSB54G compatible with my HU200)?

    Finally can somebody point me to a good discussion about which is the best system to use, the linksys software (I’m already running) or Microsoft WZC.


  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    the new HG200 Firmware resolves these issues

    Firmware version v1.02.03
    1.Fixed issue with SNMP timeout.
    2.Fixed issue with empty firewall log.
    3.Fixed issue with changing gateway IP.
    4.Fixed issue with displaying correct daylight saving time.

    the fact the others hardware are not available on linksys website means probably linksys themselves dont support the products directly since they are made for Tescos. howevr is there is compatability issues there then maybe new drivers for them.
  3. eyezo

    eyezo Guest


    Hi Guys,
    I've just bought an HU200 and an HG200 from Tesco. All is well with the HG, but the HU200 is causing me problems...

    When using the Windows wireless controller it complains that Windows cannot reset the HU200.
    When closing down, an error message is thrown up complaining about HU200.
    If I turn the "monitor off" using the Linksys Wireless Network Monitor supplied, it won't come back on again.

    I've tried re-installing but I still have the same problems.
    THe driver is

    Has anyone experienced the same or spotted what I'm doing wrong?
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