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LINKSYS RV016 load balance help

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by martinuk, Jun 11, 2008.

  1. martinuk

    martinuk Addicted to LI Member

    hi i have a LINKSYS RV016 which ant workin right with load ballance i do speed test on single cable 20mb modem and i get 20mb 1mb up i contect 2 get same download speed but get double upload speeds i tried downloadin files to see if down speeds are faster no change i add 3rd the modem wont connect at all someone told me it was gatway thir same i added 3rd modem on wingate ages go had same problem
    i have 3x20mb modems want to use for load ballance nothin else


    just need to conect 3rd modem but wont connect how do i change gatway thir 3 cable modems virgin uk 20mb
  2. martinuk

    martinuk Addicted to LI Member

    can anyone here help me plzz it wont let me add 3rd modem do i need to change gateway i have 3 cable modems only 2 work

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