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Linksys UK release a beta firmware for the WRT54G v7

Discussion in 'Linksys Official Firmware' started by Toxic, Dec 31, 2006.

  1. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    The UK Site of linksys.com has released a new firmware for the WRT54G v7.

    This seems to try and fix a ton of bugs that the v7 has been plagued with.

    Changelog as follows:

    Linksys, A division of Cisco Systems, Inc.
    Product: WRT54G (EMEA and APAC regions only)
    Classification: Firmware Release History
    Firmware Date: December 4, 2006
    Release Date: December 21, 2006
    Last Firmware Version: 7.00.3 (BETA FIRMWARE)
    General Notes:
    - This firmware is currently in BETA and will be dealt with at such with limited technical support.
    - This firmware is NOT backwards compatible with hardware versions prior to 7.0
    - This firmware is only for usage in EMEA (Europe, Middle East, and Africa) and APAC (Asia-Pacific).
    - Disconnect all wireless clients from the router during the upgrade process. Make sure no wireless clients attempt to associate with the router until the upgrade process is complete.
    - After upgrading to this firmware, Setup Wizard ver. 7 (shipped with the product) can configure the router, but is no longer able to change the language on the web-based/GUI on the router.
    - Channels 12 and 13 are not functional in this version of the firmware.

    Firmware 7.00.3 BETA FIRMWARE
    - Resolves interoperability issue with WAP54G and WRE54G in WPA-PSK mode.
    - Resolves intermittent reboot issue when BitTorrent is running when UPnP is enabled on the router.
    - Resolves wireless data rate performance issues.
    - Resolves issue with router assigns declined IP address to LAN host.
    - Resolves issue with QoS module algorithm.
    - Resolves reboot issue if fragmentation threshold is set to value less than 1500.
    - Resolves issue with wireless MAC filtering configuration GUI.
    - Resolves issue with saving RADIUS passphrase.
    - Resolves display problems in routing policy configuration GUI.
    - Resolves issue of RIP request packets not being sent out after switching to router mode.
    - Resolves issue of logging the same event more than once when log function is enabled.
    - Resolves issue of unexpected clearing of log when user stops and closes traceroute.
    - Resolves issue of not being able to accessing some configuration settings after changing password.
    - Resolves issues with incorrect beacon interval acceptable range and beacon packets not being sent out on some particular settings.
    - Corrects "Port Range Forward" policies validation.
    - Fixes problem of not storing DNS address(es) correctly if static DNS address(es) is/are used.
    - For security purpose, "Clone Your PC's MAC" functionality is no longer available if user accesses router remotely.
    - Resolves issue of displaying incorrect HTTPS certificate message.
    - Fixes problem in QoS configuration validation.
    - Fixes incorrect supported rates in beacon packets when wireless mode is set to 'mixed'.
    - Resolves reboot issue with setting beacon interval to value greater than 5000.
    - Corrects ARP exchange behavior on WAN interface (DHCP mode) after obtaining IP address via DHCP.
    - Corrects PPTP connection behavior when PPTP mode is set to "on-demand" mode.
    - Resolved issue with not being able to set UPnP policy with port number less than 1024.
    - Fixes problem of DMZ feature not functioning properly.
    - Resolves issue with not showing the most up-to-date connection status on WAN interface in MS Windows XP via UPnP.
    - Resolves issue with LAN host intermittently not being able to obtain IP address from router via DHCP when DHCP server is enabled.
    - Resolves issue with IP address assignment via DHCP on some particular devices.
    - Corrects DHCP protocol stack behavior when switching from PPPoE mode to DHCP mode.
    - Corrects "Access Restriction" behavior when system time is not available.
    - Resolves issue of not trying alternative DNS if the preferred DNS does not respond.

    Firmware 7.00.1
    - Initial Release

    The download is available here: WRT54G v7 Beta Firmware

    Please read the General Notes before upgrading the firmware.

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