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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by tom, Sep 6, 2004.

  1. tom

    tom Network Guru Member

    If anyone has any experience with LinkSys VoIP products, I would love to hear about it. I am not sure I want "Staples" as my VoIP provider so that is one aspect I would like to look into.

  2. jdepew

    jdepew Administrator Staff Member Member

    While I haven't had any experience with Linksys VOIP products, the provider is actually VONAGE. The products were just launched first in Staples. If you decide to give them a try - leave us some feedback on how well it works!

  3. jdenzer

    jdenzer Guest

    My girlfriend and I are currently testing this out. (14 day trial)

    We average less than 400 min/ month in phone calls.
    Our phone bill is between $30-$35/month.

    We use verizon + usadatanet
    Verizon is a basic local plan
    no long distance
    no caller ID
    no Voicemail
    no call waiting

    requires us to dial 12#'s + the number we are calling(which is annoying)
    and is only worth wild if our call are longer than 20min.

    So I picked up a Linksys PAP2 from staples.
    cost 49.99 +tax
    w/ a rebate of $40
    so end cost less than $15
    rebate requires 3 months of active service w/ vonage

    If we don't like it we'll return it to staples and get money-back guarantee from vonage.

    Let me tell you about our current testing experience.
    Before I picked up the device.
    I tested my connection at
    and scored on average 4.4(like makeing a call next door), so we were good to go.

    Activating a account was super fast and easy.
    Fill out the form online w/ a CC, give the MAC address of the device
    and bingo new account.

    Next came installing the device.
    Just a few simple steps
    Connect VOIP box to router
    connect phone to VOIP box
    plug into outlet and wait for the light to come on
    A few minutes later I got a dial tone
    And was able to make calls

    Made a few 1-800 calls and it sounded great.
    Next made a few long distance calls
    The person on the other line said the call was better the the landline
    no static at all.
    Then made a few incomming calls from our cell phones, agian the calls were clear.

    So far we are very pleased and we are considering very much in getting rid of our landline.

    Here is a list of pros and cons
    -Device is small, about the width of a deck of cards and the size of a
    small notepad
    -Easy to install
    -Lights easy to read
    -Can be used flat or upright

    -Led light a really bright ( keep unit away from your line of sight)
    I guess they are bright so you can make sure the unit is working.

    Vonage Service:
    -price 14.99 for 500 min anywhere in the US, 29.99 unlimited
    -Free caller ID (a real plus)
    -Free call waiting
    -Free call fowarding
    -Free call *69
    -Free call *67
    All these feature would have more than doubled our phone bill
    -Free voicemail (Finally, out with the answering machine)
    -Voicemail sends you a email when a message is left
    -Voicemail can be checked and messages listened to online (another plus)
    -Bill can be viewed online includng, who called, when, how long, etc.
    -Paperless billing
    -Referral program, refer a friend and you both get a months credit

    -Payment is done by automatic chage to CC (We don't like that)
    -If cable or power is out then phone is unavailable.
    But they do have fowarding to protect this. In the event the phone is
    unavailable, calls can be sent to any phone number. Requires you to
    activate it once.

    We have it set up to go to out cell phone.

    I used to use Dialpad when it was free back in the day and my girlfriend hated it, the echo drove her nuts.

    I can tell you this there is no echo and she is quite the critic.

    Hope this helps in your decision to try it


    Buying the PAP2 from staples not only gets you a rebate of $40, it also waivers the 29.99 activation fee from vonage. So all you pay is the first month charge.

    Also if you do decide to try it out.
    please let me know b/c
    If you put me down as a referal
    we both get one month of service credit free.

    BTW I don't work for Staples or Vonage, I just like saving money

    email me at
  4. tom

    tom Network Guru Member

    Is the LinkSys VoIP very hot or is there a problem? I cannot find any vendors that have any PAP2 units in stock. I think it may be November before they arrive. Anyone know of a good vendor that actually has some?

  5. dhowse

    dhowse Guest

    I am also giving Vonage a try

    Suggestion: Just go to vonages web page and sign up. They will ship you a Linksys router (RT31P2). Takes less than a week. I stacked my WRT54GS on top, plugged things in and was able to make calls in just a few minues. The default configuration worked right away.

    So far I have been very happy with the service quality.
    Wife can't tell the difference when I call her on vonage or POTS.

    Depending on your service area you can even have your current POTS number migrated to your vonage account. According to their site this could take a month or so.

    This is going to be earth shaking for the old fashioned phone companies. Their business model is shattered. The whole paradigm of local and long distance is GONE. $25 a month for all the domestic calls you want. Killer!
  6. mike_flood

    mike_flood Guest

  7. czeman

    czeman Network Guru Member

    I've had my Vonage account (through Earthlink) since December, using an RT31P2. The service is great, but my Dish Network receiver cannot complete a PPV request using VoIP. Yeah, I know, VOICE over IP. :lol:

    I wonder how easily I could switch to another VoIP router, though. I can't access the configuration for my phone line. I click on "Voice" and the screen says, "Please contact your service provider for further information." Oh well. :(
  8. rexster

    rexster Network Guru Member

    do i have to sign up with a voip provider to use this think?
    can i use it only to call another voip device or pc?
    so that i dont need to sign up with vonage or other provider...??
  9. wabyrd

    wabyrd Network Guru Member

    I'd stick to the PAP2 adapter over the combo router/TA. I had nothing but problems with the AT&T CallVantage combo. Switched to the PAP2 and not a single complaint.
  10. markn455

    markn455 LI Guru Member

    Just installed a SPA9000 and it seems to work fine. Documentation is not real clear. They expect you to know VoIP/Telecom in depth. However, use the wizard to configure things you should be good to go.
  11. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    did you have to get a softphone account before installing your Spa9000?

  12. markn455

    markn455 LI Guru Member

    No, you could actually just set the thing up and have internal connection only if you want.

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