Linksys WDS worked with other brand AP?

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by marquis, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. marquis

    marquis Network Guru Member

    Hi ,

    Does Linksys router work WDS function with other brand AP? like Cisco?

    Now the situation is

    I use cisco AP as main transmitter. Is that possible to use linksys WDS function to repeat cisco AP's signal?

  2. rexster

    rexster Network Guru Member

    i use asus wl500g as ap in my wireless setup
    and use 3 wrt54g as wds. works fine.

    i also read that it worked with dlink.
    so, i think it should work with all other ap that support wds.
  3. marquis

    marquis Network Guru Member

    Do you do WDS setup in asus ap as well?

    Now, if AP is only AP function(without WDS), and use WDS wrt54g, do they still connect together ?
  4. neumann78

    neumann78 Network Guru Member

    Same Problem

    I have ran into the same problem. I am trying to connect to an actiontec with my wrt54g so that i can have connectivity on all my wired and wireless computers. the actiontec is about 40 feet from my wrt54g and the other computers are a considerable distance away from that.

    Thanks for any input.
  5. rexster

    rexster Network Guru Member

    now that might be the problem.
    i'd try asus act as ap and the linksys cant do wds.
    i have to make it as wds or hybrid mode then linksys can do wds.

    also, make sure that you put the wireless mac address in the wds setting.
    many time this small detail cause the problems.
    in linksys, the wireless mac is NOT the one on the bottom of the unit.
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