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linksys wip300 & wrt54gl & ...

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by goingmad, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. goingmad

    goingmad Guest

    Hello all!

    Due to all the great things here found, I decided to buy a wrtg54gl, in order to build a better wi-fi network in my house, included a SIP phone service for private use.

    I still have a wrt54g w/ original firmware well working and granting Internet access wired & wi-fi in home1.

    I received a few days ago a wrt54gl and upgaded w/ the latest dd-wrt_voip firmware, to start entering in this amazing world of modding our cheap routers.

    I should receive a brand new Linksys wip300 wi-fi sip phone in the next few days, so I'm in the process of planning my network, following these targets:

    - the main site is home1 and I have to provide Internet access to home2 (150 meters away) w/ wi-fi (probably one wrt54gl will be installed also in home2)
    - I have analog phone in home1 and want to use voip (the wip300) connected to that line (obviously, under wi-fi coverage)
    - I want to install a wired sip voip phone in home2, in order to communicate free of charge w/ it, using the internal sip voip network
    - I'm considering to install a Linux Server w/ Asterix PBX to serve my home1-home2 voip sip network

    Don't know if these infos are enough, but what I really need is a suggestion on which Linksys product I should buy to connect my analog phone system to the SIP voip network, making it able to make/receive calls in-outbound.

    Thanks for all your help

    Best regards


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