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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by German Casais, Jul 22, 2011.

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    I've recently bought a WRE54G Extender V3, firmware version 3.04.01 to be used in combination with a Linksys WRT54G V8.2 with firmware version 8.2.08. After two days of struggling with it, frankly speaking I give up!!!!!!!

    The setup to link the extender with the router, sort of say, is easy, in a matter of minutes I manage to have the extender connected to the router (all parameters set as exactly the router hs including the key renewal period to 3600 secs) and boom! the signal strength all over the house becomes full scale, so, up to here the investment of roughly USD 100 plus delivery charges worth it.. but...

    Turned on my daughter computer (wireless connected) or my wife netbook (wireless connected too) just browsed a few intenet sites and the repeater seem to be dead in matter of a few clicks at the browser or even in few minutes without any http-tcp/ip traffic with the following symptoms:

    In most of the cases

    1) Link led: Blue
    2) Activity led: Blue
    3) Ping to the repeater: timed out (from a wired computer in the same network)

    In some cases

    1) Link led: blue
    2) Activity led: just went off (not even red)
    3) Ping to the repeater: timed out (from a wired computer in the same network)

    Resetting the device, power cycle included for both, repeater and extender, the problem remains the same, after being connected to the extender and just "using" a little bit the network the two above mentioned situations just happens after a few minutes or a few clicks.

    I've also managed to hang the device just accessing repeatedly to the device's set-up web application hence my assumption is the firmware is completely buggie and unstable.

    Needless to mention that I have read dozens of post suggesting several procedures for set-up and changes to the router wireless parameters such us MTU's, channels, etc, none of them changes dramatically the above mentioned behavior.

    Does somebody suffered something like this and managed to solve the problem or just I have to be more decided and convinced to say that I've made the worst purchase in the last year for my network?

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