Linksys WRT54GL stopped working with Westell 6100

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by itweb, Jun 6, 2008.

  1. itweb

    itweb Guest

    ... it did really well for about 10 days, since I got the router.

    I setup everything per »Verizon Online DSL FAQ »
    Which is:
    Modem -> VC config -> Bridge mode on
    -> DHCP config -> Disable DHCP

    Router -> Setup -> PPPoE mode
    -> CenturyTel login and password
    -> Status -> Connect

    I think, but cannot recall 100% that in the meanwhile I changed the way that IP is assigned on PC to manual (trying to network PC and Laptop).

    And it worked (without the filesharing, planned to tweak Samba on my Linux based Laptop), for both my wired PC and wireless Laptop.

    As of today morning, Internet lights on both modem and router are off, Ethernet light on modem is blinking.

    I thought it has to do with last night thunderstorm but since it didn't work after couple hours, I try the phone and it works. I called CenturyTel support and got lead through the process of bringing back the modem to PPPoE mode, which verified that service is up and modem seems to be fine.

    We had to reset the IP assignment to auto. Technician told me to put the modem back into a bridge mode and said goodbye, probably thinking (just like me) that router will work again.

    Well, it didn't. No matter what I do, there is no way to get the router to connect to Internet.

    I understand it's shared Lunksys/CTL problem. Is the 2 year old modem to blame (I am using it right now, wired directly to PC) or 10 days old router just took last breath?

    Or else?

    - I called CTL support twice, have gone as far as they could show it on their side (putting modem into the bridge mode).
    - I called Hindi-based Linksys support two times also. Really long waiting times and just regular per-book answers with knowledge base around mine. Which obviously isn't enough. They of course tried to blame it on the modem.
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