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Discussion in 'DD-WRT Firmware' started by mrdude, Sep 6, 2008.

  1. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    Hey guys, I'm about to sell my wrt54gsv4 router as I'm looking to updgrade to a new one that supports gigabit ethernet, wireless N and has a usb port as well as being able to run the mega build of dd-wrt.

    Does anyone have any recommendations? I'm not bothered what make it is as long as it does ALL of the above, cheers.
  2. zorkmta

    zorkmta Network Guru Member

    Dlink dir-655
  3. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    I was just shipped a Asus WL-500gPV2 from Newegg.com and absolutely love it. 32 meg memory and 8 meg flash chip. Flashed yesterday morning with 21 meg free.
  4. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    LOL m8, did you read my first post? This router doesn't support Gigabit ethernet or wireless N
  5. Mastec

    Mastec Network Guru Member

    OOPS.. Sorry. I read it too fast, thought you were saying it didn't have to support gigabit or N
  6. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    OK guys just an update, I sold my wrt54gsv4 + a flashed fonera for £70 & I got a v1 wrt350n for £60 instead......

    Once it arrives I'll flash it with the standard generic build of ddwrt - then try the mega build.

    I have a few tsop's lying around so I might increase the size of the rom - I'll try dumping it first with a usb jtag just incase anything goes wrong.
  7. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    There's one born every day! Can get a new WRT54G-TM posted from USA for less than that!
  8. ad5mb

    ad5mb Addicted to LI Member

    yeah, but...

    you have to JTAG to the broadcomm chip and load a WRT54GL CFE before you flash. easy enough for some of us, incomprehensible to others.
  9. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

  10. xjulzkx

    xjulzkx Addicted to LI Member

    D-Link's DIR Routers.. UGGHHHH... Stay away from the devil..

    Grab yourself a Linksys WRT350N or WRT610N and you won't be disappointed at all!
  11. ofbarea

    ofbarea Network Guru Member

    But it will not have a 300MHz CPU like the one found in the WRT350N.
  12. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

    Well the wrt350n came today so I flashed it with dd-wrt mega v24 sp1 and all is fine, I then flashed it back to original firmware just to make sure it could go back ok if needed.

    I'll solder a pin header on to the jtag points later and dump the router with a usbjtag as it's faster than a serial jtag.

    Now I just need to figure out how to access usb and start a ftp server using the dd-wrt firmware - the original software works fine for ftp and media streaming.

    I did notice using tkip on wireless the internet connection is slow but if you change it to aes it's ok.
  13. mstombs

    mstombs Network Guru Member

    HeHe I was referring to the sale/purchase by others of of the WRT54GSV4! It was a good trade for the 350N.
  14. mrdude

    mrdude Network Guru Member

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