Losing connection when writing to network drive

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by kantjer, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. kantjer

    kantjer Network Guru Member

    I have a problem witch is driving me crazy, here is my situation:

    Linksys WRT54GS with Alchemy Pre7a, 4 connected PC all running WinXP Pro.
    Also in the network a Buffalo LinkStation (Network Drive).

    The 2 wireless PC’s (both Centrino Notebooks, 1x11b and 1x11g) lose their connection when writing/reading to a mapped drive on the network drive, this happens around 80-90% of the time. When this happens the connection is lost simultaneously on both Notebooks and returns in about 30 seconds (looks like a reset of the wireless part of the Router).

    The wired PC’s are working flawlessly with the Network drive.

    Apart from this problem everything is working ok, downloading large files from the net is no problem.

    I hope that any out there can help me.
  2. Frothy

    Frothy Guest

    Having same problem

    I have a Linksys WRT54G v2.2. I have 3 hardwired computers and 2 laptops connected wirelesses via a Linksys WPC54G and a Netgear WG511v2. I have WEP encryption enabled on both.

    When surfing the web, they seem to do fine, maintaining a connection to the wireless network. However, whenever I access any computers on my LAN either from a mapped drive letter or by browsing Network Neighborhood, the signal almost always drops to 1mbs and eventually loses connection. It comes back up quickly.

    I am using channel 1 due to 6 other nearby networks (in an apartment community) with all of those using either channel 11 or 6. I am the only one using channel 1 (at least that's what my site survey says on both wireless monitoring utilities for each adapter).

    I also have a Panasonic 2.4 ghz phone, but it's never in use when these problems occur.

    Any ideas or anyone else experiencing this problem?
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