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Lost connection and new Firmware for WRT 54G v5

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by jl747, May 24, 2006.

  1. jl747

    jl747 LI Guru Member

    I just updated my firmware and had to reset and re-enter all of my security settings.
    My question is why doesn't Linksys allow you to update without having to reset and re-enter the info?
    This does not make for a very user friendly operation.
    I also, keep losing my internet connection.
    Does anyone have any suggestions?
  2. michaels7671

    michaels7671 LI Guru Member

    They prefer you to start with a clean slate (Router settings), before you upgrade the firmware. It's a precautionary thing. Make sure you reset after the firmware upgrade as well.

    As far as losing your internet connection, can you be more specific?
  3. jl747

    jl747 LI Guru Member

    I was getting a DNS error on every page I went to.
  4. freebies

    freebies LI Guru Member

    hi, did u upgarde to 1.00.9 firmware?

    for me, i upgraded from 1.00.6 to 1.00.9, the firmware was upgraded but the settings are all still intact. hmm...

    it seems to me that the firmware upgrade did not reset the settings to default. Anyone noticed this?
  5. jl747

    jl747 LI Guru Member

    I upgraded from 1.00.6 to 1.00.9.
    It did not reset itself, it kept my original settings.
    But, When I reset my settings I was able to finally get to the internet but that lasted only for a short time.
    I had to set the settings to DCHP instead Static IP in order to stay connected.
    I have Comcast as an ISP if that has anything to do with whatever upgrade that may have conflicted with their service.
  6. freebies

    freebies LI Guru Member

    by right, upgrading firmware should not affect current internet connections and it should solve any previous problems, may be there is something wrong during the upgrade.

    why not you try upgrading again, see if it helps. if the problem still persist, its better you call the linksys help line, maybe your router is faulty.
  7. jl747

    jl747 LI Guru Member

    Well I just reinstalled the upgrade and reset the router and settings.
    Now I will see how long my connection stays up.
  8. jl747

    jl747 LI Guru Member

    Well my connection died after about 30 minutes.
    I reset my connection to DCHP and now I am able to connect to the internet.
    This is getting very frustrating.
    Any other suggestions.
    Just finished a chat session with Comcast and they are set up to use DHCP. I guess with the new changes that they have made it will not allow you use Static.
    Strange but with 1.00.6 I was able to but not with 1.00.9.

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