MacBook Won't Auto-Connect!

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by maxrebo, Apr 30, 2009.

  1. maxrebo

    maxrebo Network Guru Member

    Just the other day I made changes to my network:

    WRT150N (DD-WRT): Router, 802.11n AP, DHCP server
    WRT54G (tomato): 802.11g AP
    Linux server: DNS server


    WRT150N (DD-WRT): 802.11bgn AP
    WRT54G (tomato): Router, DHCP/DNS (dnsmasq) server

    .... ever since then my MacBook won't auto connect to the network after reboot or wake up from sleep. When it connects, it will say in Network Settings that its connected but didn't get an IP address then disconnects a few seconds later. If I manually select the SSID in the menubar, it all works fine until I close the lid/sleep.

    I have tried removing the old/new SSID settings, even from the Keychain. Also setup a new location and no improvement.

    I do have an AppleTV hooked up the same way before and now as my MB and there are no problems with that at all.

    Setting manual IP info doesn't seem to make any difference. Nor does changing the MAC address of the WLAN interface. ... I did try the other router (WRT54G) that isn't utilizing its WIFI (but did before, just not regularly with the MacBook) and I get the same thing there.

    Any ideas?
  2. maxrebo

    maxrebo Network Guru Member

    I remember fixing this and didn't post - better now then never, right?

    I tried a ton of stuff, a ton of Googling, and nothing I found fixed the issue. I later ended up wiping and reloading OS X onto my Macbook and it worked fine after that.
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