Max througput and router reactiveness at high throughput

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by humba, Mar 2, 2013.

  1. humba

    humba Network Guru Member

    Since yesterday I've upgraded my cable connection to 150mbit/s. Measuring throughput directly at the cable modem shows a solid 150mbit/s, however, behind my RT16N running Tomato, things are less rosy. With QoS enabled, I get 112mbit/s tops, with it disabled, I get a bit over 130mbit/s (plus I actually do need QoS for my VoIP installation). Has anyone gotten a Tomato installation to work at these speeds including QoS?

    Also, while we're talking speed - when I was at 100mbit, when the line was full, the router would basically not react anymore.. trying to access it while downloads were filling the line was a futile attempt. And not only that, it seems that despite TCP Vegas and QoS with priority for SYN & ACK, opening a browser and trying to load a webpage is hit and miss... sometimes it works, sometimes it gets you the base HTML without loading any images, and sometimes the connection simply times out. This seems to indicate that the router is so busy with the ongoing high throughput connections that it cannot do a normal job anymore (this is further underlined by jdownloader sometimes going back to zero telling me the server for the next item in the queue cannot be contacted).

    Looking at the smallnetbuilder charts I know the device can easily handle the speeds I'm asking from it and I know Tomato does slow things down a bit but I'm wondering if there's a way to keep Tomato while operating normally when dealing with mbit throughputs in the 3 digit range.
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