Media Center Extender & Third Party Firmware on WRT54GS?

Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by stupidpoeticjustice, Sep 4, 2005.

  1. stupidpoeticjustice

    stupidpoeticjustice Network Guru Member

    I recently purchased a Linksys Media Center Extender WMCE54AG and experienced a tremendous amount of difficulty during initial setup. The MCE simply wouldn't connect wirelessly to my Media Center 2005 PC.

    After 8+ hours, I finally traced the problem to my router, a WRT54GS running Satori. When I flashed the firmware with the latest official version, the clouds parted and my MCE finally worked. :cheering:

    QUESTION: Has anyone had success with getting third party firmware on the router to work with the Linksys Media Center Extender? Could it simply be some obscure settings in Satori that was causing it to fail? Any other thoughts?

    I would really love to have third party firmware again in order to designate static IPs for an Apache machine, etc.

  2. Toxic

    Toxic Administrator Staff Member

    You could try a 3rd party firmware based on something newer than satori.

    HyperWRT, DDWRT, Alchemy, perhaps.
  3. stupidpoeticjustice

    stupidpoeticjustice Network Guru Member

    Follow up...

    The Linksys Media Center Extender appears to be compatible w/ Sveasoft Alchemy.
  4. frankge

    frankge Network Guru Member

    MCX & Alchemy


    I just upgraded my V1.0 WRT54GS to Alchemy and it killed my Linksys Media Extender. All other machines work fine. Hard wired to the MCX works fine. I con connect via wireless and show all menus and see recordrd content, but it just hangs when I try to play any recoded tv or live tv.

    Any special settings ot tips?
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