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Discussion in 'Other Linksys Equipment' started by NeilUK, Apr 8, 2005.

  1. NeilUK

    NeilUK Network Guru Member

    Well I've been using a number of WAG54G's, all V1.2, and had some of the problems discussed in the forums.

    My home unit suffered from the wireless side dropping out until I installed the 1.03.Beta4 firmware which to have improved things for me.

    The others are all on remote sites and were to be used for remote suppoer of my customers. However, the port forwarding problems have proven insumountable and I'm now having to replace the units as I need reliable remote access which the WAG just cannot provide. None of the firmware versions I have tried have worked successfully. I finally got one of the remote units working yesterday with an old firmware version but today the remote access no longer works.

    So having put up with the problems for months I'm now having to replace them with wireless routers that work from a company that does support the hardware. In my case that's led me to Draytek 2600G units, which cost more than double the price of the WAG's but at least they do what I need.
  2. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    I agree most off WAG issue are software issue. For the moment I leave with the WAG.
  3. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    We've just had to replace some of our remote WAG54G's due to general unreliability with NetGear DG834G's. Not had any problems since changing over and can confirm port forwarding works fine all the time everytime, unlike the WAG54G.

    Biggest problem for us was actually having to go out on site to change the WAG54G's over a real pain. The WAG54G's were initially deployed to replace various Linksys and Cisco boxes that have been workinf 100% for the last couple of years, big mistake changing to WAG54G's.
  4. NeilUK

    NeilUK Network Guru Member

    Most of my WAG's were in customers houses and meant to provide both remote access for offsite support as well as wireless/wired network/internet for the customer. Having used Cisco & Linksys kit over the years without any major problem I was sticking with what seemed like a good brand that I had assumed would be well supported. In the case of the WAG54G this has proved to be a poor choice and I only found this forum after installing a good number of WAG's :-(

    Luckily most of my customers have been understanding and agreed to an upgrade at cost for a replacement, but obviously all my time and associated expenses has cost me dear in the interim. I'm still trying to return the WAG's as unfit for purpose to try and get refunds but I don't know if the time & effort will be worth it.
  5. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I'm noticing in a lot of comments here that people have issues with the WAG54G unit. I commented in the past that mine performed solid out of the box (even with the original ver. 1 firmware I'm still using) after I got my isp to provide a static ip for me because of the dropping. Since they changed their ip's every 24 hours, my wag lost connection at 0100hrs every night. After having it changed to static, the dropouts stopped.

    WAG54G doesn't support the "Automatic Configuration - DHCP" or at least not in the Ver 1 WAG I have) that you normally find on the setup page, so this is what I assumed to be the problem. Anothr workaround would be getting a dynamic dns account. Shoot me for boasting, but I haven't seen "any" of the problems everyone has spoken of. Sure, the unit gets warm but just propping on top of something to improve ventilation keeps everything alright.
  6. booly

    booly Network Guru Member

    For the DHCP, I'v a V1 WAG that work fine with ISP. I use dyndns to keep a fix link to my home network.
    For other issues (wireless, port forwarding...) they are note linked to the box temp.
    I think that the softwarre developed in Asia has some flaws related to realtime processing ( I SW project leader in a company that build embeded ECU for trucks).
  7. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    This is the problem I had, installed at remote sites for sales people/customers who wanted a "it just works solution".

    Changed/changing to NetGear DG834G routers, when I get access to the sites, that work fine. Real pain as I expect we will have a pile of WAG54G routers that we can't get refunds on and are a waste of space !!!
  8. fighne

    fighne Network Guru Member

    issues with WAG54G

    I have supplied customers with the units and the infrastructure is that the
    unit provides access to the internet and DHCP server, with remote access via Terminal Services. The only issue I have had has been when two adsl
    service providers failed to provide a fixed IP address and only after numerous testing did both providers admit they had issued the same IP address to two companies. Both were not small providers. ! Not had your bad experience at all.
  9. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    I just "DON'T" see where the issue is. Basically, your comments are saying fighne and I are the "ONLY" WAG54G owners in the world who're not having any problems with this unit.

    I've taken my wrv54g offline so I can see any of these problems manifest themselves. Hell, I'm even going to include a couple of screen shots for sake of arugement.

    Gimme a few mins or so to take down this information...

  10. NeilUK

    NeilUK Network Guru Member

    Doclarge, I'm glad that your unit is working well, I wish mine were too! Is your unit 1.0 or 1.2, because I wonder if this has any bearing on the problems?

    All of the units I have used to date have been V1.2. The latest beta firmware seems to have fixed my wireless problems and I only suffered from the wireless lockups when the signal dropped below 60%. With the latest firmware I now just lose the connection when signal strength drops too low and get service back when I get an improved signal.

    The ADSL lock ups I think are heat related. I'm in the UK and all of my WAG's were sitting on shelves with adequate ventilation. All get incredibly hot to the touch so with some units I fitted some spacers under the legs of the units and this seems to have helped as the ADSL lockups reduced significantly.

    However, the unreliable port forwarding problems have not been fixed under any of the firmware versions I have used.

    When it is my time and money that is being spent testing & fault finding with these unit being on my customers sites then I do get a bit hot and bothered. I accept that any device can have problems but I did think that these would be resolved by Linksys over time.

    If I did not need the port forwarding then I could live with the WAG quite happily. But I do need this feature and also need for it to be reliable, and so far this just is not the case.
  11. nickpr

    nickpr Guest

    several hours later... lol, did we try and use the WAG? :p
  12. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member

    I'm more than happy to assist if possible Neil. For some reason I can't seem to upload any pictures to this site so I created an account for you on my FTP server so I can get some of my screenshots to you just to do a quick comparison on settings. My WAG is version 1.01.6. It came straight out of the box and went right on to my shelf where it's been since. Granted, I took it down for a little while when I put my WRV54G back on line, but after seeing people still talking about the problems they've been having with the WAG54G, I wanted to put mine back up to see if it was a fluke, as far as my luck was concerned.

    As it stands, I'm still winning!! I connected from a remote location with greenbow last night and held the tunnel open for 1hr 15mins with no problems. I was able to get in and access all of my pre-configured shares without any issues. Remote management was responsive and port forwarding gave me no hassles.

    Like I said, I'll post a few screen shots and you and I can have a comparison session. I'm "in it to win it" just like you.

  13. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Well just got the refund for my 8 month old WAG54G, this morning. This is the 3rd WAG54G I have had to return (for refund), one of them had been replaced by Linksys RMA twice and still failed shortly after installation.

    Its definately related to use of port forwarding as one had worked for months and went unreliable very soon after we enabled port forwarding.

    Anyway all 3 WAG54G's were replaced by NetGear DG834G's, which a quick check by me just now reveal all working 100%. One has been on for over 3 months without being touched, the WAG54G only managing a couple of days before having to be power cycled.
  14. NeilUK

    NeilUK Network Guru Member

    Doclarge, thanks for the info, just point me at the location and I'll take a look.
  15. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    I'm having to reconfigure one or two things with my server (started acting buggy) so give me a minute and hit you back regarding downloading some screenshots unless you've already done so...

  16. DocLarge

    DocLarge Super Moderator Staff Member Member


    check your private message box. I've got some info in there for you.

  17. Ian_m

    Ian_m Network Guru Member

    Well I am majorly chuffed as I have managed to get full refunds on all my "crap" WAG54G's, despite them being many months old (8 months, 4 months and 2 month old).

    I just returned them claiming they were not "fit for purpose" (ie not matching their description in port forwarding working and in terms of reliability), asking for a refunds not replacements (technically by law in UK the are supposed to offer a replacement/repair if over 30 days old).

    I have now got full refunds on all three no questions asked. Nice.

    Now got 3 DG834G's on sites working 100%, no complaint from users, just sitting there working.
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