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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by SMFTKO, Jun 4, 2005.


    SMFTKO Network Guru Member

    I would like some advice or pointer to the info to study. Here's my situation at present. I have two WRT54Gs connected with a WDS link (one connected to the internet) and a BEFW11S4 connected to the second WRT. The network is set up as follows:

    Modem --->WRT54GSv2 (Alchemy)---WDS---WRT54Gv1 (Alchemy)-wired--BEFW11S4

    I have a wireless b print server connected to the BEFW11S4. The two WRTs are operating in G mode only. The BEFW11S4 is connected via its uplink port to the 54Gv1. As you can see I'm keeping everything on the same subnet (including the printer). The first WRT54 is providing DHCP to the network (all other DHCP service disabled). At present I can see everything and my network "works".

    Where my questions come from is when I check the print server status it has its IP address but show its gateway as being If in the future I connect a wireless b client to the BEFW11S4 will it be able to see the internet via the network gateway? What are the advantages/disadvantages to connecting the BEFW11S4 via its WAN port?

    Thanks for the rather elementary questions - I did a search and couldn't seem to find the answers to my questions.

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