MWMP54G Wireless-G PCI Adapter gives an error

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by necronizer, Aug 23, 2008.

  1. necronizer

    necronizer Guest

    We have on one of our PC's a 'MP54G Wireless-G PCI Adapter' for a half year now. And today I started the PC on and it gave an error: Exception GIFExeption in module aviWMP54Gv4.dll at 000252AF. And since this error occurs the whole time if the pc is on I can't use internet on this pc. I see that the firmware for the WMP54G Wireless-G PCI Adapter doesn't start up so I think something is with the firmware. I downloaded the firmware at the website(setup cd gone lost :frown:) and reinstalled it, but still this error comes up. Does anybody know how I can solve this?

    P.S: maybe my english is bad but I hope you people still understand it :redface:.
  2. PeterT

    PeterT Network Guru Member

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