N66U / Tomato. Torrents stop downloading then websites timeout

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by JonnyR, Nov 9, 2013.

  1. JonnyR

    JonnyR Reformed Router Member

    Hi, I've been using my N66U on the default firmware for a few months with no problems as far as torrents go. But yesterday I flashed Shibby's Tomato, cleared the nvram, everything is pretty much default except for the SSID and some little stuff, I didn't touch anything that involves the connection.

    So now when I start my torrents, the connection will just about max out my download speed for a few seconds then slowly start to drop until it reaches 0. At this point the torrent client will say it's timed out and I can't load websites, I can however still access the router settings page. This is all via wireless by the way. After a few minutes I can start accessing websites again and my torrents will start up but it's a constant cycle.

    Just so I'm clear I never lose my wireless connection to the router, just that the torrents timeout and then websites won't load.

    I flashed Toastman's Tomato and tried again and the exact same thing is happening. Like I said this never happened with the default ASUS firmware and started happening immediately after I flashed Tomato, I even went back to stock ASUS again to be sure, is there some type of setting I have to change to avoid this from happening?

    Also, other wireless devices that are connected to the router work fine when this is happening, it's just with the computer that I had a torrent client running on
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  2. leandroong

    leandroong LI Guru Member

    Your problem is wrong download directory. Under Shibby FW bittorrent GUI download directory format is usually "/mnt/<hd label>/downloads". You should double check that it exist by issuing system command "ls /mnt/<hd label>/downloads"
  3. JonnyR

    JonnyR Reformed Router Member

    Sorry I didn't put it in the OP but I'm using vuze not the built in torrent feature of the Tomato firmware.
  4. pharma

    pharma Network Guru Member

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  5. Marcel Tunks

    Marcel Tunks Networkin' Nut Member

    If you're trying to browse while seeding and downloading a torrent from the same client device, you may have problems, especially via wireless. Limiting your torrent software to upload bandwidth at least 30% less than your speedtest.net values and limiting your downloads to around 30% less than your wifi download speed would help. Bandwidth limiter or QoS on the router are also options, as mentioned above, but the best way to control torrent traffic is to control the torrent clients on your LAN (bandwidth limits, avoiding times with other active traffic, etc).

    EDIT just to clarify the reasoning:
    Your torrent traffic will fill up every buffer starting with the bottleneck device (probably your wifi device on the client or your modem). When that buffer fills, the next one starts to fill up. Eventually the latency will be measured in seconds rather than milliseconds, and the connection will time out. The router will stay connected to the client and the GUI will respond if the connect is the limiting factor rather than the CPU.
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  6. JonnyR

    JonnyR Reformed Router Member

    Thanks for the input it cleared up a few things for me. I'll try making some adjustments to the torrent client and some QOS adjustments and see how it goes.. but any idea why the stock firmware doesn't have this problem yet Tomato and DD-WRT do? Just seemed odd to me..do those firmwares have a built in flood protection or something like that, that the torrent connections could be setting off or maybe Tomato is allowing more connections than the stock firmware and that's causing the problem? But hopefully after some adjustments I'll be able to stick to Tomato. Had it on my WRT54GL prior and loved the features.
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