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N66U with Shibby + DWL2100 repeater DHCP issue

Discussion in 'Tomato Firmware' started by alfag4, Feb 17, 2014.

  1. alfag4

    alfag4 Reformed Router Member

    i have succefully connect a DWL2100 as repeater to a N66U (main router).
    From the main router i'm able to ping the repeater, but when try to connect a wireless client to the repeater a i cannot get the ip address from main router's DHCP.
    If enabling the dhcp server on the repeater, with pool outside the primary dhcp server, the clients connects without problems and i'm able get internet from main router and i can see the network/clients.
    Seems that the repeater don't forward the dhcp request to hers clients.

    Main router (N66U with tomato):
    PPPoE to dsl modem
    Wireless 2.4G WPA2+AES

    Universal Repeater (DWL2100ap):
    Static IP
    Wireless 2.4G WPA2+AES same ssid of main router
    DHCP server disabled.

    If enabling the repeater DHCP server with pool, the clients connect.

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