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Name resolution problem with DNSMasq + Local DNS

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by conman, Jan 19, 2006.

  1. conman

    conman Network Guru Member

    (Sorry for the double post - I posted this in the DD-Wrt forum, but this is more likely a generic networking name resolution issue)

    I'm using DNSMasq with DHCP and Local DNS (WRT-54GS V3, V23SP1). I have 2 types of client machines:
    - XP/2k clients
    - various appliances (e.g. VOIP adapter, print server), some defined with static DHCP.

    I can access all the XP/2k clients by name.
    But I cannot access any of the appliances by name, unless I append a "." to the name. Thus "ping ATT" does not work, but "ping ATT." does.

    Can anyone explain whats going on, and how to fix this? I think the Windows machines are working correctly not because of DNSMasq, but because of Netbios name resolution. But how do I get Local DNS to work with DNSMasq without having to append a "." to all the appliance names?


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