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NAS200 - Problem with "removed drive"

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Network Storage Devices' started by GapsoN, Dec 9, 2017.

  1. GapsoN

    GapsoN New Member Member

    I still use NAS200 because it's simple and does the job.
    Few days ago I noticed that I can't turn it on. I removed "Disk 1" and I found that there is something wrong with the disk (white smoke is not a good sign). I got another used HDD. I inserted it in Disk 1 slot and nothing. I format the drive -> nothing. I even deleted everything on drive -> nothing. I used another disk -> nothing.
    Than I inserted Disk 2 into slot for Disk 1 and I got the message that Disk 1 is Changed. In information table I see Disk with the name, but for other slot there is always Removed and Not installed.

    I tried and pressed the reset for 2 seconds, but it doesn't help. Can you give me any advice what can I do?

    I don't know how to get any other disk be recognized. I use RAID 1.
    It still works, but I just can't get another HDD to work. Any idea?

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  2. GapsoN

    GapsoN New Member Member

    I installed two empty HDDs, but for both I got "Disk not found". I can't format it.
    I tried to downgraded firmware, but the error stays.
  3. skameykin22

    skameykin22 New Member Member

    And how are идн you doing?
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