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Need Advice for My WDS setup!

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by Sphere4203, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. Sphere4203

    Sphere4203 Guest

    I currently have a WDS link on two wrt54g routers about 3/10 a mile apart. Since the snow and cold weather, I have been getting huge (75%+) packet loss. THe -rssi between the two routers is around 70-80. I use two 8dbi flat antenna (One on a TV tower antenna and the other mounted in the corner of a window. I need some advice on a few of my ideas to get a consistant ping/connection.

    First of all I was wondering if I should go with a 24 dbi parabolic Grid antenna. There is a huge metal shed to the right of the first router. With the 24dbi antenna I will be able to mount it higher, above the shed. Then I was wondering what channel/power rating I should use for either my existing flat 8dbi or the 24dbi parabolic.

    Now I have a related question. Currently I am using the wrt54gs for both WDS and client. Would I be better off using the routers just for the WDS connection and use up separate wireless networks for clients to connect? That way I could set the antenna diversity (Tx and Rx) to right or left (Not sure which one is best/more powerful and forgot which one corresponds to back of router) and that way it wouldn't switch antennas to look for a better WDS signal. I could just go buy another WRT54g and put it on a different channel.

    Also I was wondering with what firmware is best to have the routers reset once a day to regain the connection if they lost it.
    I use Alchemy-pre5.2.2 v

    Thank you so much I know its alot to ask just some advice would be greatly appreciated!


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