Need help by a guru to select a router!

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by LoSpo, Dec 2, 2008.

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    Hi guys,
    my name is Francesco and i want to by a router to set up a wifi area in my home.
    I've got a VOIP contract with my isp, so i have a Pirelli Voice Gate (static IP with one ethernet jack on the rear) and i want to add a wifi router to share the connection between my 2 laptop and my desktop. Now i've tested two configuration one with an Atlantis Land, but it has very low signal quality, and the other with USRobotics USR5463 that disconnect me every 5/6 min (maybe too much connections from amule???).
    Now i don't want to waste my money tring every router of the world, so i have THIS question:
    Is this router right for my scopes (amule on the desktop with 5/600 connections, 3 MSN or PidGin, and a couple of download)??

    Link of ebay auction:

    And this is a bonus question: wich is the right price for this??

    Last bonus question: could i replace the Pirelli VoiceGate with this? (my isp is Eutelia with offer me a SIP service for the VoIP)

    and now.... experts talk!!!
    I would liketo say Thank You for everyone who read this!!!
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