Need help to setup a route on my Linksys e2000

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by PC-Quebec, Apr 15, 2012.

  1. PC-Quebec

    PC-Quebec Serious Server Member

    Hi everyone, I need your help. As you can see I have 2 DSL line one on a 2wire and the other on a thsomson, I have more peripherals and pcs on each network, but I try to make the drawing simple. So here the problem; on the computer at bottom left, I can print without problem on the printer attach to the thomson network, but on the one at bottom right I can't even see the thompson router, Note that the nick connected to the linksys as no gateway, since I get my internet from the 2 wire. So I was thinking that may be I have to setup a route, but evey thing i try results by a "invalid static route" so what I have to enter in the field, and is it the good way to do it ?



  2. SAM

    SAM Serious Server Member

    I have question what is your link between & 101.And What is your link between 192.168. 4.101 &
  3. SAM

    SAM Serious Server Member

    Because, from your digram, I believe you have two link cards on PC, and different Subnet mask, so in this case
    you need to use Proxy to connect between them or second way by using 2 vlan and then join them.
  4. PC-Quebec

    PC-Quebec Serious Server Member

    SAM, The pc with is not connected to the router ( I don't need so) I have 2 NICs on the right PC, my problem is now solved, I add this route on my PC with 2 NICs, you see 1 network is for the family, wife and kids, they are at risk, so I use a different network for mine.

    "route add mask IF 13 -P"
  5. SAM

    SAM Serious Server Member

    Sorry, but your chart isn't clear.
    Why are you using, two times?
    and if you can make digram more clear so I can Understand it?
  6. PC-Quebec

    PC-Quebec Serious Server Member

    As I said problem fixed

    I only have 1 equipment with, this is the Thompson router, if you notice on the Linksys router it said ( this is the wan IP it get from the DHCP of the Thompson)
    gateway : this is the gateway I setup on the router, it point to the IP of the thompson, this is the way it should be

    if you want something less clear, this is a general view of my setup, few PC are missing, the printer and the right PC are in red, not show in the picture, the network is spread in 2 buildings 40 feets apart, I have 6 cat. 6 cables running underground. The 3 host , are 2008r2 Hyper-V host.

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