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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by kwikstix, May 25, 2009.

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    I have a small elementary school campus that I'm designing a wireless network for. There is a permanent building in which I have previously set up a WRT54G2 as both a router and to serve wireless to the entire building (it's a very small building). Now, we are adding 6 modular units on one side of the building, each of which will have a combination of laptops and PCs. The WRT54G2 doesn't have the range to reach them, so my plan was to mount an omni on the gable and connect it to a WET54G, plug the WET54G into the WRT54G2, then put a WET54G in each of the modulars to allow the PCs to access the wireless network. It appears, however, that the omni is screwing up the wireless signal of the WRT54G2, because as soon as I power on the WET54G that's connected to the omni, both the LAN and Wifi lights on the WRT54G2 flash very rapidly, and nothing can connect to the wireless network. I thought about replacing the WRT54G2 and the WET54G with a single wifi router that has an external antenna so that the omni could serve the entire campus, including inside the permanent building. If this is the best solution, which wifi router should I use to connect the omni to?
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