Need to monitor a single wireless pc on home network...

Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by tsantsa, Feb 24, 2010.

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    I need to monitor actual traffic, not just bandwidth, on a single wireless pc connected to my home network. I'll spare the details unless it seems necessary to answer my questions (privacy issues and all that).

    I run a WR54g ver 3.1 (?) with Tomato.

    I started looking at packet analyzers and I realized that was a bit above my head. I started trying to use wireshark but since it install locally, I couldn't get it to read other traffic (for various reasons, some tech but mainly my ignorance!) and promptly gave in to another thought.

    Since I want to monitor traffic that goes in and out of the router, isn't there a method to offload info to a local pc for observation? I saw that in Tomato there is a log that you can download, but the info seem limited to simple IP's and ports in and out. What I need is content.

    So the question is basically; are there any firmware sets that support offloading (uploading I suppose is correct) raw data from router traffic to a local pc? That pc would then have a sister program to then decrypt or view said data giving a set of parameters? (ie, "show info these sites:," or even "show IM chat traffic")

    EDIT: Btw, I did think a keylogger was perfect, but I tested a few on my pc and ALWAYS the antivirus caught it, even with exemptions. I tried a couple antivirus progs and they would all eventually see it...
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