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Discussion in 'Networking Issues' started by diamond, Apr 20, 2005.

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    Wanting to get some feedback on the best way to setup / configure a neighborhood network with a few caveats. Here's the setup:


    With the WRT54G's setup as they are:
    house 1 has LOS to 2,4 / /DHCP SCOPE: 1-50*
    house 2 has LOS to 1,3,4 / /DHCP OFF
    house 3 has LOS to 2,4 / /DHCP SCOPE:51-100*
    house 4 has LOS to 1,2,3/ /DHCP SCOPE:101-150*
    *iptables configured to stop forwarding DHCP over WDS.

    Total distance from 1->4, approx 75 yards. (decent signal from 28mW output WDS going through the side of the houses).

    Here's the question. Currently house 2 is leeching off of house 1's internet (with permission), and house 1,3,4 all have their own internet. The question of sharing is for mainly xbox XBMC networking, so streaming large DVD videos will be commonplace. We don't want to share internet access per se [unless we could shotgun the connections, but that's hard to do given the layout and processing power of the wrt54g], and we need the highest speed available.

    'Server' is at house 1

    I know I can chain WDS the routers together, but the speed when it gets to the last hop would be pretty cruddy. I've heard that it's possible to mesh the routers with OSPF, but in my reading that has to be done on seperate subnets, which I've heard mixed reviews on the xbox handing seperate subnets in this configuration.

    I use Sveasoft alchemy [testing talisman] for my work; however, since this is a setup at home I'm open to other firmwares (I'd have to pay another $20 for a personal subscription for home anywho). I'm certainly not a linux or networking novice; however, I like sveasoft/etc since the neighbors in question can change a problem setting if the ling goes down, something you can't really say about OpenWRT. :)

    Whats the best firmware / configuration for this type of setup with an emphisis on speed between nodes? Planning on boosting to the best possible signal with aftermarket antenna designs [yagi, cantenna, or reflector depending on situation/coverage].

    Any help/advice/thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated -- I welcome any and all input!

  2. diamond

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