NetBios Oddity through a WRVS4400?

Discussion in 'Cisco Small Business Routers and VPN Solutions' started by GalacticLink, Jul 7, 2009.

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    Ok, looking for any help or explanation to the information below that I have not been able to figure out or find documentation for.

    I have a WRVS4400 V1.0 with 1.01.08 stable firmware at home.

    I used to run my Windows File & Printer sharing through IPX/SPX for a bit of extra separation/penetration security and better inter-computer transfer speed.

    Lately though some new network hardware does not work of course with that old protocol and since I must bind tcp/ip to file & printer sharing anyway I decided to convert everything and get rid of ipx/spx. I still prefer to use IPv4 as it is still far easier and fully customizable in the home.

    Now I do have everything working and connecting; But I am trying to figure out why an extra IP address outside my set range is needed to be allowed through the individual computer firewalls for browsing the network through Network Places/NetBios. Once the initial connect to a computer is done only ip/ports to the computer I am purposely connecting to then are logged.


    I open network places, go to my workgroup to select a computer to communicate with. I would expect to see a netbios broadcast to each PC at most with their individual reserved IP addresses.

    But the initial connection for browsing 'requires' an extra IP 1 number above my set limits on the router. If I don't allow that extra IP the computers can't browse to connect.

    So I have set say - in DHCP to be allowed access, with internal wireless DHCP as > each computer has a reserved address locked to MAC. But when browsing I must also allow to have netbios access through the firewalls or you can't see the other computers. Now the 'computer browser' control computer is say part of the normal address range running XP Pro SP3 so it should control listings I would think?


    This extra IP does not show in any router pages of DHCP values, ARP or any other connection listings. And all the physical/wireless ports are on the same default VLAN as I don't use anything special or VPN.

    Can anyone offer some explanation and is it perfectly OK anyway; Is it just a extra undocumented security thing to do with the linksys routers local NAT?

    Thanks for any help
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