Netgear WGT624 and Linksys WRT54GS : Wireless Extension?

Discussion in 'Cisco/Linksys Wireless Routers' started by hyapadi, Apr 25, 2005.

  1. hyapadi

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    I have 2 routers Netgear WGT624 and Linksys WRT54GS. Can I combine both router to maximize the wireless area? note : the router located in a different room, so no wired can be used.
    If it is possible, then which one should be the main router ( the one connected to the internet )?

  2. SimonMackay

    SimonMackay Network Guru Member


    Both routers can be set up to work as part of a larger network but they need to be configured in a certain way.

    One router must be set up as the "edge" and connected to the cable modem. This will be the DHCP server and have UPnP IGD functionality enabled.

    The other router will need the DHCP server and UPnP IGD to be disabled. This one will need to be set to a different IP address, preferable at the end of the subnet scope. This keeps it out of the default DHCP pool that is determined by the "edge" router.

    As far as wireless is concerned, both need to be set for standard 802.11g behaviour and on different channels. They need the same SSID and WEP/WPA keys. If you use MAC filtering, keep the MAC filters the same on both devices.

    To connect, run an Ethernet cable between both units _but_ connect it to a LAN socket on each unit, rather than the WAN socket on each unit.

    You should then be able to create the large wireless cloud that you wanted. It is worth also remembering that both routers have the Ethernet switches which can come in handy for linking in more fixed network devices.

    With regards,

    Simon Mackay
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